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Caring for our precious resources

Deakin Estate's approach to environmental management  is to  manage risks while respecting our environment, driving cost efficiencies and ensuring robust branding of our wines. 

We take our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint seriously and ensure every step of our supply chain is part of this reduction.

Our aim is to achieve the very best quality fruit from the vineyards whilst sustaining their precious environment. We adopt sustainable production methods, ensuring that we support other plant species and organisms with whom we share our space.


We proudly use the light and energy efficient ‘Lean+Green®’ bottles for our Deakin Estate and DeakinArtisans Blend still wines. The process used to make these bottles takes out considerable weight, energy and water consumption from each bottle while maintaining premium branding.  The bottles have the following features: 

• Lighter in weight. Our bottles used to weigh 500grams and are now 360 grams
• Narrower bottle dimensions and smaller carton size. This means a reduction in weight of shipments
and better cubic efficiency so we can fit more cases into our shipments.
• These lighter weights and smaller dimensions mean we can more efficiently move wine from Australia to our overseas markets. This improves economies of scale in logistics and reduces our fuel usage in shipments per carton. 

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